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Here are some cases to give you an idea of the clinical cases that can be treated with acupuncture and achieve very good results.


Acupuncture works particularly well on arthritic conditions and Carby a 10 year old Standard Poodle was a good example of how acupuncture can ease pain and improve mobility.  Dogs will often lick painful areas and being white, Carby’s licking caused dark brown saliva stains on his back and along his left hindleg, particularly the stifle (knee) joint.   X rays showed that he had arthritis of the lower spine and the left stifle.  Click Here to See Video 1

Carby was treated for 6 weeks and the reduction in staining of his coat was a great indicator of pain.  As he improved the stains gradually disappeared from his hip, back and flank although a small one remained over the stifle.   Carby continued to have a single acupuncture treatment every 6 weeks to keep him pain free and mobile for a period of 18 months until he developed kidney failure and was euthanased. Click Here to See Video 2

CHI  5.5 YO Pekingese

12.4.11            brought to clinic for a dental check.  Attending vet thought there was pain in lumbar spine due to discospondilosis tx with Onsior (Rubenacoxib)  a new Cox 2 selective NSAID

16.4.11            4 days later in more pain and difficulty walking, treated with Tramadol injection and acupuncture.  Was better that day but the worse the next morning and got progressively worse over weekend,  still on Onsior by 19 .4.11 difficulty walking

20.4.11            reluctant to get up, ataxia in both hindlegs, proprioceptive defects in both hindlegs, pain at TL junction and muscle spasm in that area and tight abdominal muscles.  Acupuncture.  Admitted for cage rest

21.4.11            walking with less ataxia, treated – home with strict rest.  Was bright and comfortable, back pain not as severe.  Because dog was comfortable in clinic not given any medication.  Good for 3 days then started to find it very difficult to walk again

24.4.11            Dog looking uncomfortable started again with Onsior

27.4.11            Dog miserable reluctant to walk, back very painful at TL junction.  Repeat treatment, admitted for cage rest and given buprenorphine

28.4.11            walking better, no back pain

29.4.11            repeat treatment – not given meds

3.5.11              wanting to walk more and play with other dog.  Proprioception slow but present, muscle tightness over TL junction,  Sartorius and ileopsoas TP treated

10.5.11            Going well, start on slow walks

Click Here for Video


FLUFFY – Cat over grooming

Fluffy was an 8 year old long haired cat that was losing her hair around the back of her hind legs and on the lower part of her belly.  Although the owner did not see her pull the hair out, over-grooming was the most likely cause.

Fluffy Pretreatment 2Fluffy Pretreatment 1

As there was no evidence of fleas and the owner had been using flea control, Fluffy was diagnosed with “Over- grooming” which was due to a behavioural problem, where a cat is stressed for some reason and finds comfort in grooming which eventually causes thinning the fur.  Fluffy was treated with behaviour modifying drugs but continued to lose more fur along her back and down the back of her hind legs.

Not sure what to do next, Fluffy’s owner decided to try acupuncture.  On careful examination, Fluffy was found to be painful at the base of her tail and along the lower part of her spine.  After three acupuncture treatments, there was no pain and the fur grew back.

Because cats cannot tell us what they are feeling, it was suspected that she may have been experiencing a tingling sensation that radiated from her back to her legs, causing her to over-groom the back of her legs and belly, just like we would rub an area that was tingling.  Fluffy has continued to live up to her name and has remained fluffy.

Fluffy post treatment 2Fluffy post treatment 1



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