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Further Education Testimonials


Susanna Hofherr – Why the Trigger Point Therapy course with Dr Mark Hocking on the 14th of September was worth the time and money I spent coming all the way from Malaysia? The theory behind Trigger points and their effects were well presented and easy to comprehend. The practical tutorial made the “how to” of Trigger point treatments feasible. Merely a month after the course, we see changes in patients that didn’t fully recover with acupuncture (and physiotherapy) alone but improved with weekly Trigger Point treatments. The feedback of our clients is great as they find their pets more active with normalized and visibly less painful movements.

Monique Koning – I recently attended the Trigger Point session by Mark Hocking at Marcus Oldham College. This should be standard fare taught at vet and medical schools to undergraduates since so many of our patients suffer from undiagnosed trigger points! Once aware of trigger points it is usually easy to treat them and at relatively low cost too.

The adagum ” if one doesn’t look, one doesn’t know what one has missed” comes to mind. Your patients, any species large or small, will thank you for knowing about trigger points. My patients certainly do.

Mark’s attention to detail and passion in sharing his knowledge helped me catch up with gaps in my education. Never has it been easier to learn something and have so many applications for it straight away.


Fiona Mead – Wow, what a difference these techniques have made to many of my patients!  Dogs and horses alike are showing almost immediate results using Mishizaka and Ishizaka points. Clients are writing of their successes to me and expressing gratitude in the improvement of their dog’s and horse’s movement.  Stifles, hocks and back issues are responding favourably. A dog that was unable to do square sits, in her recent champs, could do square sits after one treatment.  Word is out about a 15yo Andalusian mare who has not had a foal in the last 4 years.  She was deemed as cycling regularly last year but did not take on four AI attempts.  Three days after acupuncture this season, the mare was in standing heat for a stallion, (told the client 2-5 days as stated in the course). While it is early days yet it would seem using acupuncture techniques described and demonstrated by Dr Kevin May in his October 2014 one day training (Magnificent 7 and other points), has perhaps done something that an equine veterinary clinic couldn’t achieve in 4 AI’s last season. This mare had significant lumbosacral tension at time of treatment.  My work continues to grow locally (NZ) as well as overseas (Australia), so a big thank you Dr May!

Monique Koning – I attended the special equine session on treating horses with Dr Kevin May on 9 Sept 2014. I did so because Kevin had given excellent value during the IVAS course in the face-to-face at Marcus Oldham  College, which I attended, on an earlier occasion. He instilled confidence, enthusiasm and crystal-clear-cut practical knowledge and handling in me. The stuff one can’t get from a book, or screen. The stuff one can’t buy, even if one wanted to!

Having an interactive extra day with Kevin has given me more confidence, more knowledge, more options in my day to day care of horses in my practice. My clients love it, their horses love it, and so do I. Dr Kevin May is very approachable, is open to any questions and has the ability to make easy what can be complicated to educate. Five stars from me.


Elissa Marriott – Having recently completed the Crooked Horse Syndrome course with Dr Kerry Ridgway, my understanding of anatomy has skyrocketed! After the course, I was able to apply what I learnt immediately and got impressive results and very satisfied clients. It has revolutionised the way I treat musculoskeletal issues in horses. Dr Ridgway was thorough, concise, and very generous with his knowledge and an incredibly kind person with a genuine desire to share his knowledge and skills to leave the horse world a better place! I cannot thank him enough!

Katherine Apel – Recently I was fortunate enough to attend a four day seminar presented by Kerry Ridgway. The seminar is a must for any Equine practitioner who wants to understand why we see so many performance issues that can be related to laterality.

Kerry has amazing depth of knowledge from both a conventional and integrative medicine approach. The seminar was very practical and enhances your holistic assessment skills, covering all areas such as specific acupuncture points, saddle fit, nutrition, feet and groundwork skills. I came away armed with a much better understanding of how to thoroughly assess and treat all these facets.

The lecture base was very comprehensive and was complemented with an extensive practical caseload. Every individual was able to practice their new diagnostic and treatment skills. Kerry Ridgway has developed a treatment protocol that can immediately be checked to confirm a positive response. Kerry is a true master in the way he deals with his equine patients and clients. I feel privileged that I had the opportunity to attend this seminar.

Ashleigh Hibberd – I have attended several of Kerry Ridgway’s courses and have always come away satisfied with new relevant knowledge and the skills to put this new knowledge straight into practice.

I was wondering what new perspectives Kerry would present for the crooked horse seminar/workshop – and found  my expectations were exceeded!! Kerry is a seasoned presenter, and the lectures flow so easily. The audiovisual material had been well chosen to deliver a lasting impression. The detailed notes provided meant that I could listen and not miss things whilst writing, and they also contained excellent photographs to refer back to for point location. Additionally, Kerry made available his whole powerpoint presentation, and these really rounded out my memory of the seminar.

The basis of the seminar related to the innate left- or right-sided dominance that every animal exhibits, and how soundness (physical and mental) problems stem from this during training/riding and what can be done to recognise it, work with it and how to treat the physical problems that have already arisen from it.

In the practicals we learnt to evaluate the side dominance and the affected myofascial trains that were currently causing pain and restrictions. We learnt  really effective acupuncture methods to release these myofascial trains immediately. There were two and a half days of practical work to drive home the one and a half day’s theory – we worked with clients horses, covering a range of breeds and a range of  sports, from pleasure  through to international level FEI horses.

The small group allowed for the best learning opportunity, and new friends were made, all with their own areas of expertise which they happily shared.

From day 1 back in practice, my new knowledge has been incorporated. So once again after a “Kerry” seminar I am so glad I attended!

Janet Buckerfield.RE: Dr Kerry Ridgeway Seminar 15-18 November 2013.

The Australian College of Veterinary Acupuncture Ltd invited Dr Kerry Ridgeway (USA) to Geelong in November for our further education.

Kerry delivered 4 wonderful days entitled “Laterality- The Crooked Horse Syndrome” .

The course was based at Marcus Oldham Agricultural College, a facility which has proved very convenient for our purposes over the years. A rigorous programme was followed from 8am to 6pm daily, with essentially one and a half days of lectures and two and a half days of practical work. I found this a very good balance. The fourth day (entirely practical) was spent in a professional equestrian establishment, bringing perspectives from different riders and a very skilful farrier. For all practical work we were in 4 groups, each of 3 practitioners, so 4 horses on the go at any one time. Overall more than 20 horses were assessed and treated. The entire class was together for an initial history taking and gait assessment, and after working on the horses, each group gave a summary of diagnosis and treatment. This system worked very well. I found the initial gait assessment with Kerry’s guidance and commentary to be particularly valuable, and it was comforting to find he also spends a significant time on this part of his consultation. The focus was of course acupuncture, but ongoing training and management of the horse must also receive appropriate attention. On this subject we had the additional benefit of Kerry’s wife, Christine, who contributed her significant expertise to support Kerry’s treatments on some of the horses.

Kerry dealt in detail with Laterality/Limb Dominance, GI Ulcers, The Psoas Muscle Group, the Hyoid Apparatus, Sacral Ligament Desmitis, Hoof Balance,- and most exciting of all- Fascial Trains, supported by videos of human work as well as veterinary. Over the 4 days Kerry demonstrated time and again his phenomenal skill using Fascial and Muscle Specific acupuncture points, with immediate results tested and proved on the spot with the completely unbiased judgement of the horse! As many of these points are only 2mm apart, the rest of us had a more challenging time. However we were all distinctly improving as the horses went by (!) and I came away very keen indeed to follow through with these new ideas, immediately applying them to practice.

I am sure I speak for all 12 participants in thanking ACVA for their excellent organisation of this course. In particular Dr Ulrike Wurth, (and husband Graham-always appeared when help was needed!) and the course administrator Bill Rae.

But to Kerry must go our immense admiration for his skill, his experience, his kindness, and his modesty, in this most professional presentation throughout 4 intense and demanding days.

Thank you also to Christine for her ever supporting role. It is always very heartening to be surrounded by like-minded veterinary acupuncturists. The course was a great pleasure. Janet Buckerfield. Hobart Equine Practice.

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