Vet Acup College | Why Choose ACVA?
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Why Choose ACVA?

  1. The IVAS course is recognised and accredited internationally with the Australian IVAS Certification Course being the gold standard in veterinary acupuncture education since 1992.
  2. The IVAS Certification Course is endorsed by the Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group, a special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association.  This course qualifies for 211 AVA Vet Ed points.
  3. The IVAS Certification Course is a rigorous and comprehensive theoretical and practical training in Veterinary Acupuncture which ensures a high level of knowledge and skill for successful integration into clinical practice.  Hands-on workshops utilise the dog and the horse as models for acupuncture, we also include cats and cattle.
  4. The course is structured so that international students can participate and work with colleagues from around the globe, coming together at Marcus Oldham College to share the learning and how to apply the new skills into their own practices when they return home.
  5. Our senior lecturers have human acupuncture qualifications as well as being  experienced veterinarians and are all IVAS Certified.
  6. Currently holding the tenth Australian IVAS Certification Course with more than 475 veterinarians now certified to practice.
  7. Residential practical training with dogs and horses gives participants the hands-on practice that is required to confidently find and needle acupuncture points.
  8. Specific focus on the ethical integration of acupuncture within the context of western veterinary medical practice.
  9. Our college is a non- profit organisation dedicated to teaching a high standard of acupuncture and any profits we have are passed into our foundation to be used for acupuncture research.


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